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Sample and FULL Sizes of Beyond the Pale's Intriguingly Fabulous Perfumes available! - Poets, Writers and Artists with Pre-20thC Style [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Sample and FULL Sizes of Beyond the Pale's Intriguingly Fabulous Perfumes available! [Oct. 22nd, 2006|09:56 pm]
Anachronic Arts


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Hullo m'dears! Exciting stuff, as we announce the following (basically all but Dollymop) fragrances from Beyond the Pale are available for direct order. If you are terribly organised and are already squirreling away gifts for Christmas, or are simply wanting to broaden your horizons by trying perfumes you haven' been able to before... now is your chance!

Below you will find descriptions of all fragrances available to order from us - all available in Try-Me sizes or full sizes. Some of these have NEVER been available as Try-Me sizes - they were the very fist few perfumes we ever released! Others have very rarely been available for long periods of time, as they have sold out as soon as they were launched.

Gather your quill pens and write your wish list from the following scrumptious delights...

- London Particular: A dark, smokey blend of sandalwood, cypress, black pepper, & musky vetiver, with the rich oil of bergamot (famously used to flavour Earl Grey tea) & spicy ginger gently piercing the fog. Full of character, this fragrance is destined to be worn with a stiff upper lip & certain swaggering elegance.

- Lusing Ken: Essential oils of juniper berry (used to flavour gin), clove (very often used in mulled wines & highly intoxicating punches) & black pepper are blended with aromatic cedarwood & vanilla musk in this potent fragrance. Highly unusual, evocative of merriment caused through imbibing; Lushing Ken is for those who know how to roister, caper & carouse through life. Usually worn by gentlemen of disreputable characters, this fragrance may also be worn by painted ladies & gangster's molls. Distinctly not for wallflowers - those who have no one to dance with at parties - of either sex.

- Haymarket Hector: A broodingly handsome blend of spiced ginger, fresh lavender & laconic cedarwood resting nonchalantly on a smooth, long-lasting base of warm sandalwood & darkly glowering vetiver. Comprised of traditional gentlemens' fragrance recipes originally hailing from Provence; Haymarket Hector should be worn by those dastardly rogues who charm with a wink & are a danger to unsuspecting females the world over.

- Strumpet: A saucy blend of rich chocolate, ripe cherry & vanilla musk, blended with pure sandalwood & vetiver for sensual, long-lasting warmth; pure jojoba base. Utterly addictive - redolent of sin.

- Bedlam Bouquet: Rosy-sweet geranium nestles with comforting, fresh rosemary & subtle, calming lavender ; together they gently frottage the slightly sinister base of rich frankincense with hints of dark patchouli & sandalwood. Mellowing beautifully to a fruity, powdered-musk finish, this is a fragrance to wear at times of mental anguish & to prevent attacks of the 'female vapours'.

- Flummery: An enticing blend of spiced honey; pure creamy vanilla; soft, musky cedar, sultry ginger and the calming, powdery note of benzoin. Serenely alluring, dangerously addictive, smells good enough to eat!

- Doxy: A darkly fruity blend of blackberry, spice & all things vice... Juicy blackberries burst with warm hints of ginger, a sprinkle of cinnamon and musky vanilla. The freshness of bergamot whispers of more innocent times, but the richly aromatic, intensely carnal note of vetiver has its wicked way at last...

- Blowsabella: A richly musky & dusky with overtones of incense and hints of a once virtuous past... Alluring amber, sumptuous frankincense & subtle, foxy droplets of sensuous patchouli marry with sandalwood, cypress and dusty benzoin for frivolous romantics & wanton, wayward women.

- Pearl's Flourish: The intensely powdery musk of peony, infused with nutmeg creamy vanilla and sinfully dark vetiver. This is a dangerously sophisticated, delightfully superior perfume to arouse & beguile through the ages...

- Mollisher's Mark: Utterly feminine, powdery parma violets melt intriguingly into fresh rosewood and pure vanilla, infused with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg and exotic sandalwood in the pure jojoba oil base. Reminiscent of decadent boudoirs, silk stockings draped nonchalantly over the dressing table- the subtle naughtiness of a bygone era; Mollisher's Mark is a long-lasting, uniquely spiced yet subtly floral fragrance, for ladies with pouty lips and a knowing wink...

- Jamais avec les Domestiques: A thoroughly naughty, flamboyantly sensual perfume. Provocative blends of amber, vanilla musk, nutmeg, vetiver & just a touch of clove. For ladies who conduct themselves erenely in Society, but with licentious abandon behind closed doors.

- Rake's Blend: Frisky ginger warms the cockles, with vibrant Virginian cedarwood nestling against clove bud; the freshness of pure spearmint & the irresistible pull of musky vanilla. Both sexes should wear this with caution: ebullient ravishing is likely to occur...

The full size bottles are 10ml in size and last an absolute age, as you only need a couple of drops of the perfume to last all day! :-) The try me sized bottles measures 3 & 1/2cm and contain more than enough sensual dabs worth of decadence to fully experience the perfumes before you decide to buy a larger bottle. Also excellent to give as darling little gifts!

Each TRY-ME size bottle costs £4.99

UK Buyers: Add £1 P&P costs for the first bottle, 30p per extra bottle (if buying more than one at a time).

International Buyers: Add £1.60 P&P for the first try-me bottle, 80p per extra bottle (if buying more than one at a time).

£9.99 for each full-sexed 10ml bottle.

UK: £1.50 for the first bottle, 50p for each subsequent bottle ordered at the same time.

INTERNATIONAL: £3 for the first bottle, £1 for each subsequent bottle ordered at the same time.

Please allow a total of 21 days for your purchase to arrive at this time - the perfumes will very likely be with you WELL before this, but this is the maximum time we are allotting as we are expecting quite a few pre-Christmas orders. :-)


Go to PayPal's 'Send Money' page and use the following details:

Please state clearly in the paypal 'send money' form how many bottles you are buying, and WHAT SIZE each bottle is: eg. "3 x Jamais avec les domestiques FULL SIZE + 2 Strumpet TRY-ME SIZE" in the note to seller box. :-) Remember to add on the extra postage costs for each extra bottle ordered. :-)

PayPal only for the moment, dearies: suzy@beyondpale.co.uk

Please contnue to be patient for the complete boxed-sets of Beyond the Pale's fragrances - we shall be releasing these in time for Christmas but are beavering away at the final details!

[User Picture]From: _b0c0u287_
2006-10-23 05:59 am (UTC)
you`re getting fresher each&every time.
me cares not for your phoney victorian fragrances, yeah.

real victorian fragrance is a stink of burnt coal, kerosene
& of raw shit with a likkle touch of lavender - that you`d know
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-10-23 08:00 pm (UTC)
Ah, forgive me, I did not realise you were labouring under the assumption that the populace spritzed distilled essence of their surroundings onto their pulse points. A quick letter to Chanel, Estee Lauder and the like might be in order, as they seem to believe that people wish to be scented otherwise. As did the Victorians. Hence their recipes for de-stinking. Or at least covering up the stink. Not everyone is able to quite fully hide their stink, more's the pity - we feel fabulously secure in the knowledge that you shall guide the world at large in smelling exactly as their environment smells, though. Safe nights sleep forever. For everyone. Everywhere. Hurrah.
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