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Beyond the Pale BOXED SETS of Try-Me sized Perfumes! - Poets, Writers and Artists with Pre-20thC Style [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Anachronic Arts

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Beyond the Pale BOXED SETS of Try-Me sized Perfumes! [Sep. 18th, 2006|06:15 pm]
Anachronic Arts


Here's an offer for those of you who are addicted to the try-me sample sizes - or indeed those who are longing to try different fragrances but don't know which to choose!

We are now offering directly for sale Boxed sets of try-me sample sizes: Keep them all for yourself or pick & choose which you want & give the others as gifts!

In each box will be one each of the following perfumes:

Strumpet: A saucy blend of rich chocolate, ripe cherry & vanilla musk, blended with pure sandalwood & vetiver for sensual, long-lasting warmth; pure jojoba base. Utterly addictive - redolent of sin.

Flummery: An enticing blend of spiced honey; pure creamy vanilla; soft, musky cedar, sultry ginger and the calming, powdery note of benzoin. Serenely alluring, dangerously addictive, smells good enough to eat!

Doxy: a darkly fruity blend of blackberry, spice & all things vice... Juicy blackberries burst with warm hints of ginger, a sprinkle of cinnamon and musky vanilla. The freshness of bergamot whispers of more innocent times, but the richly aromatic, intensely carnal note of vetiver has its wicked way at last...

Blowsabella: A richly musky & dusky with overtones of incense and hints of a once virtuous past... Alluring amber, sumptuous frankincense & subtle, foxy droplets of sensuous patchouli marry with sandalwood, cypress and dusty benzoin for frivolous romantics & wanton, wayward women.

Pearl's Flourish: The intensely powdery musk of peony, infused with nutmeg creamy vanilla and sinfully dark vetiver. This is a dangerously sophisticated, delightfully superior perfume to arouse & beguile through the ages...

Rake's Blend: Frisky ginger warms the cockles, with vibrant Virginian cedarwood nestling against clove bud; the freshness of pure spearmint & the irresistible pull of musky vanilla. Both sexes should wear this with caution: ebullient ravishing is likely to occur...

Each bottle measures 3 & 1/2cm, and hold lots of dabs-worth of sensual fragrance oil - you needn't be stingy with your dabs... drizzle away to your heart's content, my dears! ;-)

When these limited edition sizes have sold out, there will be no more. We received the bottles from one of our dearest longtime customers who does something terribly mysterious and clever to do with chemistry, and who very kindly gave us these bottles when clearing out cupboards of intriguing equipment in their laboratory. Therefore, once all the bottles have been used, we shall no longer be able to offer this size.

We offer this sumptuous selection at the extra special price of £24.99!

Postage & Packing: Within the UK add £2.50; worldwide (anywhere outside the UK) add £4.

You can see this is a huge saving than were you to buy all these seperately!

PayPal only, please: suzy@beyondpale.co.uk - Please write "Try-Me Boxed Set" in the "note to seller" box on paypal's 'send money' page. Thank you!